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Our Partners

To maintain a lean and efficient team and expand its expertise and range of services offered by building partnership with business and government institutional excellence is one of the strategic direction of Distretto Green and High Tech.

The partner with whom we are working so far are highlighted here below



Special Agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce dedicated to the activity 'international SMEs. Collaboration with is active on providing services during the process of internationalization involving Distretto Member Companies


Institutional body that cooperates with the Distretto dealing with innovative financial products and services and support to competitiveness, growth, innovation, expansion into foreign markets businesses.

Company specializing in the management of services related to pre-selection and recruitment, training, relocation. The cooperation with the Distretto is in the field of HR and Inter-company mobility

Institutional body for counseling , analysis of the labor market, guidance and support to the work, training, pre-selection and matching / job. The cooperation with the Distretto is in the field of HR and Inter-company mobility

Cooperation with the Distretto are on issues of technological innovation, R & D, and advanced managerial training

Cooperation with the District are on issues of technological innovation, R & D and advanced cultural and professional training





Company focused on the management of services related to people relocation. The collaboration with the Distretto deals with HR and Inter-company mobility


Partner of the Distretto for the communication’s activities, being the channel of the Italian companies in the world. In addition to being an effective way to communicate important aspects of your business and to establish stronger relationships with its customers, it offers economic and business information timely and depth.


e-work agenzia per il lavoro
Company specialized in the management of services related to pre-selection, recruitment, training and relocation of the staff. The collaboration with the Distretto is on the issues and service HR and inter-company mobility.

ODCEC - Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili di Monza e della Brianza

Economy areas oriented Company dealing as well with training activity versus the Distretto member Companies.


AKITA Consult S.r.l.

Cooperates with the Distretto supporting companies in investment advisory, debt restructuring projects and lines of credit, support for the structuring of the best tools leasing, outsourcing to lenders, assisting companies in addressing funding requests.


Impresa Lab s.r.l.
Cooperate with the District in conducting studies and research, fostering partnerships, assistance to obtain financial resources from regional, national and European Community institutions, in Management of Research funded Projects to support Innovation technology transfer.


SBrokerage firm specialized in services and consultancies on risks analysis and assessment as well as insurance services


Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze Fisiche della Materia (CNISM).
It aims to promote and coordinate research and scientific activities and their applications in the field of condensed matter physics. It consists of 39 Italian universities and it is associated with about 1,300 researchers.


Cooperates with the Distretto in the research and evaluation of the most appropriate forms of funding for member companies.



VELPSOLBMS Ventre Consulting - MonzaAZCOMENERGYSAVINGCISCO SYSTEMS ITALIAtelecitygroupADVANTESTBLUEITDMS MULTIMEDIASTMicroelectronics ItaliaTECHNOPROBEVoomeKSBLEADING EDGEYOGITECHLider ElettronicaSEMS.P.M.Cover SistemiItacoilGenportVESTABriantelGFM-Net / ICT4Green - MilanoStarsolutions – MonzaGest Labs – Vimercate (MB)Mechatronics Labs  – Vimercate (MB)X-View – MonzaBRAND039 – Vimercate (MB)Project Automation S.p.A. – Monza (MB)SAP Italia - Vimercate (MB)SEGULA Technologies Italia – MilanoMIX srl – MilanoMGB – Magazzini Generali della Brianza – Concorezzo (MB)SEM Communication – Vimercate (MB)A.C.E. Srl – Ecolibrì – Agrate (MB) PRAEL srl - Practical Electronics – Brugherio (MB) C-TEC srl – Villasanta (MB)INJOIN srl – Sesto S. Giovanni (MI)CreAction S.r.l. – Settimo (MI)Digital Taste - – Merate (MB)ARGONET – MilanoNewtron Technologies s.r.l. – Cornaredo (MI)FOCUS Informatica – Lissone (MB)MateriaViva – Lecco (LC)Creare Valore / Primi Sui Motori – MilanoDigiUnit Srl– Grumello del Monte (BG) – Monza (MBELETECH Srl Innovation in Electronics – Lomagna (LC)STUCCHI&Co Srl – BikeWays – Sulbiate (LC)Auroras S.r.l. – Codogno (LO)ELEXES s.r.l.  – Zanica (BG)Key People srl – Cernusco S/N (MI)CAIMI Brevetti – Nova Milanese (MB)TECHINNOVA S.r.l. – Milano (MI)MicrotestEMME s.r.l. FULGEO – Concorezzo (MB)TFE – Thin Film Equipment (MB)Enerqos S.p.a. – Milano (MI)Oculox Technologys S.a.g.l. – Manno (CH)Lifelike s.a. – Chiasso (CH)TRUSTECH – Chivasso (TO)Ribes Tech s.r.l. – MilanoSynergie Cad Instruments – Chiari (BS)Project Team s.r.l. – Concorezzo (MB)INSPIRING SOFTWARE srl – Vimercate (MB)YoDiWo – Patrasso (Grecia)CheckMe LTD – Londra (UK)REALTOINTERMEDIA – Vimercate (MB)Mixel – Lissone (MB) Namiki Precision SA – Lausanne (CH)SOITAAB Impianti Srl – Concorezzo (MB)FAE Technology / FAE++ – Gazzaniga (BG)Rush Up – Gazzaniga (BG)I2Make – Rivanazzano Terme (PV) Consorzio COMUNITA’ BRIANZA – Monza (MB)Copying srl – Sartorie Digitali – Caronno Pertusella (VA)Kridea srl – Vimercate (MB)Nettrotter – Lissone (MB)CFC Electronics – Agrate Brianza (MB)KALPA srl – Sesto San Giovanni (MI)RAVASI S.r.l. – Monza (MB)Info Solution S.p.A. – Vimodrone (MI)CEGEKA – Cologno (MI)BriTec s.r.l. – Cogliate (MB)HOVAL – Zanica (BG)XNEXT srl – Milano (MI)Crosspoint  S.r.l. – Desio (MB)Kenosistec - Binasco (MI)Digitalia Informatica Italiana - MilanoeFuture s.r.l. – Lissone (MB)MateriAcustica srl – FerraraART-GLASS srl – Monza (MB)ATENA – Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)ESG Equipments S.r.l.s. – Novara (NO)Mobyplanner s.r.l. – Sulbiate (MB)Newronika s.r.l. – Cologno Monzese (MI)BrianzAcque –  Monza (MB)DigimediaCom – Lugano (CH), Milano (MI)Security HELP-IT S.p.s. (MI)







Fondazione Distretto Green and High Tech Monza Brianza

Sede operativa: Via Damiano Chiesa 3, 20900 Monza (MB)
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