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What makes concrete the Distretto Green and High Tech?
The concept of district or cluster is behind the idea to 'aggregate' companies which the same background and speaking the same language, with “proximities” in skills and business, in order to facilitate the spread of the factors of excellence and success from one to the other, helping the mutual cross-fertilization. These factors lie in wide range, from the presence of peculiar skills and capabilities to the ability and willingness to invest in innovation, to the structuring of a stable business model and financial stability necessary to businesses that thrive on R & D and innovation. The interventions of the Distretto Green & High Tech can therefore go from the help to companies for a specific item to the construction of internal processes that help to increase competitiveness, to the aggregation of companies to support or implement specific and real business large-scale projects .

What to do to join the Distretto Green & High Tech and become a Member Company?
The actions needed to become a Member Company are simply filling in and sending the “"Application Form" ” to the attention of Paolo Piccinelli ( ) and fulfill the payment of the membership fee.

Which Company can join the Distretto Green & High Tech? Companies that reside in the province of Monza and Brianza only or in a larger territory?
Our Boundary is not limited to Monza Brianza province but is the whole Lombardy Region. The province of Monza and Brianza 'without doubt our reference area,' cause them 'resident companies and the skills that have helped drive the creation of the High Tech District. To date, some member companies are located in neighboring provinces, such as Milan, Lecco, Bergamo, Varese, Como, Lodi, Brescia and Pavia; bottom line we Are welcoming all companies that operate in the High Tech field as well as in the areas of reference on which the District operates (ICT and Energy), which are permeated by a strong spirit of innovation and residing in Lombardy can actually join.
Does Distretto Green & High Tech offer analysis and evaluation of business projects?
Yes; regard to the assessment on the business plan, business development and market development, the Distretto Green & High Tech can leverage on the expertise of its team and the involvement of members of the Board of Directors and the Technical-Scientific Committee, understanding that the availability of the financial resources necessary to sustain the activities requires the involvement institutional entities (banks, investors, etc..).

Does Distretto Green & High Tech helps businesses economically or directly invests in companies?
No. Distretto Green & High Tech is interested in helping the development of enterprises and the creation of a network of companies to increase their competitiveness in the offering of the product, the degree of innovation and financial strength, but can not and does not want to invest directly in business projects..   

Can Distretto Green & High Tech facilitate direct contact between investors and entrepreneurs?
Yes, of course! this is one of the main benefits to be member of Distretto Green & High Tech. Thanks to constant networking between Merchant Bank, Venture Capitalist, Investors and Companies in the territory, Distretto can open privileged channels of contact between demand and supply of capital risk.

How Distretto Green & High Tech acts on gathering funds through ordinary or facilitated Finance?
With regard to ordinary finance, the Distretto Green & High Tech stands as a privileged interlocutor of some banks and financial institutes with which it collaborates, thus facilitating the dialogue between companies and banks, lowering the perceived risk by financial institutions. As for the Facilitated Finance, the Distretto Green & High Tech operates at two levels: the first level concerns the phase matching between skills and innovation projects developed by companies and the availability of active tender at European Community, or national or regional area, the second level is the support for participation to the tender. It is exactly in this second phase the company aggregation takes place to respond to calls. The company or Companies is (are) then accompanied throughout the process of obtaining subsidized loans..

Does Distretto Green & High Tech help companies to open up to the international dimension?
Yes In collaboration with Promos, a special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, and Confindustria Monza Brianza, the District and High Tech offers helps companies to internationalize their business through trade missions abroad, coordinated participation in fairs and events industry, marketing joint business and finding foreign partners.

Does Distretto Green & High Tech promotes activities in the main activity sectors involving companies in the area?
Yes This is a crucial issue to trigger a virtuous circle for the development of the territory, aggregating companies with complementary skills to create projects with a high degree of innovation or that require the involvement of the government. Of both areas of target and intervention, the Distretto Green & High Tech has identified strategic projects for the development of the sector.

How does the Distretto Green & High Tech with respect to the issues of employment and protection of jobs?           
The mission of Distretto Green & High Tech gives significant importance to the strengthening of the set of expertizes and skilled persons and professionalism that characterize the area. Among the areas of intervention of the Distretto Green & High Tech there are actions to preserve the know-how and act through continuous training and dedicated to create an environment that will attract new skills and encourage outstanding intercompany mobility; we at Distretto belief that the unemployment problem will be possibly solved mainly by creating new opportunities and encouraging the innovation capacity of companies.

What should I do if the information on the site does not meet all of my needs.?
We are happy to hear any questions and provide clarifications; you may go to the tab About Us >> Staff and use our e-mail addresses to contact us

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