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General Manager

He took up the position of General Manager of the Distretto Green and High Tech in January 2009; adding to the management team  his twenty years experience in multinational hi-tech corporations and innovative start-up companies.
In the early ‘80s, he has been engaged in STMicroelectronics where he took up progressively position of increasing responsibility, rising up to the position of  Group VP and General Manager of the Wireline Division since 1998.
In 2007 he decides to start a new challenge and he accepted the role of COO in Media Lario Technologies, a leader company in the production of high-precision optics for EUV lithography machines and than Managing Director in Nemerix, an innovative start-up company operating in microelectronics design, in which he deals about the sale of the entreprise to an important American group.
Giacomo has a degree in Physics and he has completed courses of Business Management and Leadership at the ST University and SDA Bocconi.
+39 039 3638 224

Market Manager

He joined the team of the Green and High Tech District in January 2012 with the position of Head of Marketing and Program Management.
He brings to the District a lot of experience and skills acquired in companies with a strong connotation Hi-Tech, from the semiconductor sector to the CAD/CAE one.
After an initial experience as researcher at the Polytechinc of Turin, he was engaged in SGS-ATES, where for several years he plays different roles of responsibility in the field of Research and Development of integrated circuits.
After the experience in the CAD/CAE “world”, in which he develops complementary knowledge in pre and post sales of automated system for the electronic design, from 2003 he joined STMicroelectronics in the field of Project/Program Management with direct responsibility on innovative projects and interacting with customers and suppliers in all over the world.
He took part also to the staff of  training Project Management of STMicroelectronics promoting methods and techniques of innovation management.
From 2005 he deals about Business Processes Reengineering in  R&S, optimizing processes of definition, development and introduction of new products for reference customers, and the integration with the quality system.
Paolo is graduated in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.
+39 039 3638 251

Area Facilitated Finance Manager

She joined the team of the Distretto Green and Hi-Tech in May 2009, with the responsibility in the area of the finaced projects, bringing with her a multi-years experience in the field of institutional relationship  with local, national and international authorities.
During his professional history, she had held position in management both in public and in private companies.
Particularly, she deals about planning, budget definition, interventions and projects in the area of active labour market policies and territorial development, coordination and supervision of the same projects as regards organizational processes, the implementation procedures and accounting. She has also played activities on analysis of the local labour market.
Marta is graduated in Political Science – International address at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Milan.
+39 039 3638 214


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Fondazione Distretto Green and High Tech Monza Brianza

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