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Smart System Industry Summit 2017 – October 17, Mechelen, Belgium

DSP Valley invites you for the fifth(!) edition of the Smart Systems Industry Summit on October 17th, 2017 in Mechelen, Belgium.

The Smart Systems Industry Summit is the international conference and exhibition on Smart Electronic Systems organised by DSP Valley. It is our yearly flagship event. We therefore would like to invite you but also your members to participate in this event. Companies that are member of one of the Silicon Europe clusters can register as associated members.

Programma del Summit e Registration al link

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Business Connection Forum" - 3/5 Ottobre 2017 - Albany (NY)

Fondazione Distretto Green & High Tech MB invites all our member to the "Business Connection Forum" in Albany (NY) the next October 3-5 2017.

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The event, organized in the frame of @Silicon Europe Worldwide Project, is going to be an opportunity to bridge  European/North America and Canada companies, research centers and investors trough a 3 days event on Advanced Electronics.  

- Company Pitches, Matchmaking Sessions & Networking, Seminars and Poster Sessions
- 50 American SMEs are expected as well as representatives from GE, GF, IBM and other major stakeholders along with stellar research universities.
- Parallel technology sessions on Autonomous Operation, Health Applications, Smart Cities, Advanced Electronics

More information and registration at the following address:
Do not miss the opportunity!! 

Call Distretto for more info; we will be glad to answer to your questions and organze togheter your trip to Albany!

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Open Innovation Day with Thales : Build smart solutions for a safer world - October 19th 2017 in Lyon

Il Distretto vuole portare alla attenzione delle Aziende del Territorio una importante ed interessante iniziativa di scouting di Start-up e PMI da parte di Thales, grande Azienda che opera nei settori aeronautico, aerospaziale ed altri, organizzata nell’ambito della Silicon Europe Alliance, di cui il Distretto è parte attiva.

Cosa cerca Thales - We are looking for start-ups and SMEs :

  • with already customer experience and minimum viable products or services,
  • offering innovative and breakthrough solutions for each step of the ‘critical decision chain’ : sensing, secure data gathering and transmitting, data processing, supporting the decision making process, acting and assessing.
  • Areas of interest: Digital Transormation, Sensors & IoT, Safety & Security, Microelectronics & Materials

Tutte le informazioni di dettaglio, comprese le declinazioni delle 4 Areas of Interest, sono disponibili al link More information & Registration

Deadline per la registrazione della candidatura on line: 18 Settembre 2017


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Business Connection Forum in Brussels, June 28, 2017

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Our Silicon Europe Worldwide event, together with EEN and the Taiwanese visiting delegation, had great success and has got detailed coverage at the Flemish business TV Channel “Kanaal Z”.

Detailed information on content and attendance at

You can see the TV report at following link  (it is mainly in Dutch, but also with some English spoken interviews)

Thanks to All!

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L’High Tech guarda al futuro con innovato entusiasmo!

Intervista a Giacomo Piccini, Direttore Generale del Distretto, pubblicata su “Il Giornale di Vimercate”

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